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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Losing My Virginity

That's me in the corner...

That's me in the sand trap, losing my virginity.

My racing virginity that is cos you know I have had heeeaps of sex, really truly.......

Ok so enough dilly-dallying around. After numerous private testing and Time Trials to get the hang of things, it was high time to get out and start mixing it up on the track in a real race.

Yeah...oookkk....didnt quite go as planned. However did go exactly as expected and wasnt quite the complete disaster it could have been, even granted the fact I was 13 laps down at the finish due to wrecking and needing to repair.

Despite the less than desirable finish, what time I did get running around was enough to get me excited for more races.

I kept entering races and eventually managed to run consistent enough to begin finishing in the top 5 for most runs. I picked up my first podium for 3rd place on my 3rd race and eventually repeated that with a 100% clean no incident race.


On the very same day, after a rotten race in a different class, I jumped back into the Mazda and decided to squeeze one more race in. Starting in 5th position I held my line and remained consistent while others, including faster drivers than I proceeded to wreck their own races allowing me to get into and hold the lead to clock up my very first iRacing Road Win! Winning by 6.2 secs over a hard charging Andrew Kiss, and with only 3 cars left on the lead lap it was a very good feeling to finally get the top prize.

With the week finished I was very satisfied with how it all went and was looking forward to Going to Lime Rock for the new weeks events.

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