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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Endings and Beginnings

The End of Season 3

Coming recently to iRacing as I have, I pretty much dropped in to the second half or so of Season 3, which is now complete. All in all, considering my inexperience with the cars and software (and the tracks) it was a reasonable beginning to my iRacing career.

Stats so far:

Picking up my third win in the SRF was a great feeling, as it has been a real struggle to learn that car sue to its inherent over steer and keeping it stable and on the track is one thing, let alone going fast enough to win. So that's 2 wins in the Mazda and 1 in the SRF. Handy results for a start.

Having received my D Licence I did buy the Skip Barber rt2000 car, but we haven't been getting along and the SRF ended up taking my attention anyway when I had a epiphany with the car and started to turn some good times. The week 10 round at Summit Point (short configuration) was really fun and I started to show a bit more stability and consistent racing so I decided to stick with that car and do private testing in the Skippy instead. Weeks 11 and 12 saw some good fast racing, with my third win coming at Okayama in week 11 when starting from pole position and holding the lead for teh entire race, fighting off a massive charge from Till Stoecker who beat his own personal best time at the track by 2 secs to be right on my tale as we crossed the line.

A video to show how close the racing was is below, this was a battle for 2nd place between myself and another SRF driver, with the lead Solstice driver keeping with us for the entire time. This battle went on for the entire race, trading places on a few occasions.

Week 13

OK so week 13 came as a bit of a surprise to me, I was not expecting this odd week of mostly unofficial racing that was not part of the usual. Most series have been essentially put on hold while schedules for season 4 are worked out and published and the drivers get to have a bit of fun while planning their next seasons efforts. The highlight for myself has been the mixed class series involving the SRF, Solstice and both MX-5 variants in unofficial Enduro's at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, one of the worlds great tracks. Unfortunately I have not been in possession of the energy and concentration levels to have had much of a go at this, making several starts but chucking it in the dirt and retiring each time. Fortunately however since the races are all unofficial it has not matter much what kind of carnage goes on, Irating and Safety Rating are unaffected.

A fellow iRacer posted this video as a demonstration on how crazy it gets with anything up to 60 mixed cars starting and trying ot get up through Eau Rouge:

Week 13 is nearly at a finish at the time of writing this, a couple more days. I may try and get a race in but not all that fussed. I am trying to make final plans on what I would like to race and what goals i would like to achieve in Season 4. I have several options, but due to time and energy I will not be able to drive everything I could and have any sort of success in it. My current plan is to stay in the SRF and compete in its full season. I finished season 3 in a pretty good spot, placing second in my Division's championship and picking up that win. The tracks are familiar and the car is both a  challenge and fun to drive so in order to put in a  good showing in Season 4 and start to get things together. I also have the option to play around in either the Skippy or the Radical SR8. One is a D-Class car, the other a C-Class car however I am leaning towards the Radical as I always liked it in Race 07 and testing over this weekend at Brands Hatch has given me a good feeling about the car. The series also goes to some great tracks like Brands, Spa and Suzuka. Its an awesome vehicle and I am more comfortable in it that the Skippy. And its nice and fast:

So more testing to be done, plus pick up some extra tracks as the Radical season progresses, Watkins Glen being the next off the bat for week 1. Will keep the posts coming updating on my successes or failures in whichever series I decide to race in.

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